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List of top cold wallets storing bitcoin “world’s best security”

List of top cold wallets storing bitcoin “world’s best security”

In the face of a series of cryptocurrency attacks, coin hoarding and security is always the top “sore” issue. Being afraid of hackers when storing in an online wallet, being afraid of viruses while keeping it in computer software, being afraid of forgetting the password when using a regular hard drive yet you don’t even know which line is good and high security in case buying a cold wallet,.

Don’t fret anymore! Right below, veteran coin players have compiled the top bitcoin cold wallets with the most sustainable security in the world. Surely these detailed reviews of these impressive cold wallets will help you find an “impregnable” place to store your cryptocurrency.

Detailed review of the best cold wallets to store coins at the present
Detailed review of the best cold wallets to store coins at the present.


1. The ability to cut off 4 hacker access routes thanks to the “world’s most advanced” cold wallet lines

– Unlike online wallets that are easily attacked by hackers over the internet, the world’s most secure cold wallets allow you to store cryptocurrency offline and conduct transactions in an offline environment. When the transaction takes place in a non-internet environment, it means that you have cut off the first way for hackers.

– All PIN, passphrase and account recovery operations must be entered directly on the device, not on the computer or mobile phone. In particular, each device has its own security chip, preventing viruses from entering. Thus, even if a hacker installs a virus on your computer and phone to ‘steal’ or to take over your account, it is still ‘powerless’.

From here, the high-class cold wallet helps you “cut off” the hacker’s second way in.

– Cold wallet always has the function of automatically deleting data if the wrong password is entered. Even if the wallet is on hand, in case the hacker enters the wrong password 3 times, all the money in the wallet will be wiped out. And only you can recover them through Seed phrase.

With smart cold wallets, the hacker’s third approach is officially erased.

– Some new generation of cold wallets allow creating different sub-wallets on the same device. Therefore, when terrorists have a wallet in hand and force you to say the password, if you are quick to give the password of the secondary wallet, all the money in the main wallet will still be intact.

In short, the path of hackers to appropriate assets is completely cut off with the world’s most secure cold wallet.

In addition, the Cold Wallet has a compact design like a USB, making it easy to carry your cryptocurrency with you wherever you go. Every money transfer transaction requires a wallet. Thus, you will always have the feeling of holding and storing money along with you. This is an interesting thing that helps you to be more confident when hoarding virtual currency.

2. Top 5 cold wallets with the most optimal security in the world

Cobo Vault wallet – super secure with QR code ($149)

Origin: Shanghai / China

Cobo Vault cold wallet - China domestic high-class cold wallet
Cobo Vault cold wallet – China domestic high-class cold wallet.

This is a multi-signature, open-source wallet that is very safe for cryptocurrencies, so it is popular with Chinese coin players. The advantage of this wallet line is unlimited crypto support for BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC, TRX, EOS, USDT, XRP, XZC, IOST, DCR and DOT.

In particular, each transaction requires scanning a QR code on the Cobo Vault cold wallet, so the security increases by that. In addition, Cobo Vault also integrates fingerprint sensor, waterproof and anti-drop, very safe and durable for users.

However, the Cobo Vault cold wallet originates from China. But Vietnamese people are not very “salty” with “made in China” goods, so Cobo Vault wallets are almost not sold in the Vietnamese market.

Ledger Nano X cold wallet – “iron shield” comprehensive coin protection (original price $ 159)

Origin: France

Ledger Nano X Cold Wallet
Ledger Nano X Cold Wallet.

Ledger Nano X cold wallet is known as an “iron shield” for cryptocurrencies and is most used by virtual currency players in the world because they possess a comprehensive security barrier:

– Nano X Wallet stores your private keys in a CC EAL5+ certified chip that protects against sophisticated attacks by hackers. To put it simply, the security chip of the Nano X has the same level of security as a bank card.

– The operating system of Ledger Nano X wallet is provided exclusively by BOLOS – this is an operating system that is considered an “iron shield” to protect the Ledger application on your computer, preventing hackers from accessing your account.

– Nano X cold wallet also integrates bluetooth for you to securely connect to computers, phones and Ledger Live applications with multi-layer encryption without connecting via cap. As a result, you can safely conduct coin transactions anytime, anywhere.

– Nano X cold wallet screen allows you to directly view the account information contained in the wallet, completely without checking via computer or phone, so you are more assured about the security of this smart device.

Coldcard Cold Wallet – “Bitcoin Secret” (Price Only $119)

Origin: Toronto, Canada

Coldcard cold wallet specialized in storing bitcoins
Coldcard cold wallet specialized in storing bitcoins.

This is a line of smart cold wallets specializing in storing bitcoins using open-source code with the same design as a mini computer. The reason this Coldcard cold wallet “catches the eye” of “bitcoin billionaires” and is considered by players as a “secret room” to preserve bitcoin because:

– ColdCard is the only wallet on the market that allows to use the optional function of never being connected to a computer and still be able to seed, deposit and execute transactions. As a result, the safety of the bitcoin coin is secured at the highest level.

– Built-in super secure electronic chip, smart private key encryption so that money never gets out of your sight. In particular, the large screen and buttons also allow the wallet to operate separately without connecting to a computer.

– Wallet allows you to open up a multitude of sub-wallets to be ready to deal in urgent situations. By that, they easily help you escape the threat of bad guys.

– The wallet has a lock timer feature, helping billionaires actively protect their accounts.

BitBox02 Cold Wallet – crypto-security “firewall” ($115)

Origin: Zurich, Switzerland

BitboxO2 cold wallet
BitboxO2 cold wallet.

If you are a “low-tech” coin player, afraid of cumbersome operations, this is a cold wallet line for you. Accompanying the cold wallet is BitBoxApp which provides a complete solution for secure management of your crypto assets.

– BitBox02 has a compact USB-C-like design and an intuitive touch screen that can be turned on and off to disconnect all connections to the outside world, helping to “freeze” all cryptocurrencies at anytime as you want.

– Safe dual chip in hardware and open-source software security system to increase multi-point security, ensuring the safety of hoarded coins.

– In addition, the inventors of BitBox02 have integrated technology to monitor external attacks and verify the device’s security level for many years. History has proven, no hacker has ever passed through the security firewall of this wallet line.

However, up to the present, in Vietnam, there is almost no unit that imports and distributes this genuine product line. If you buy products on sites like Amazon, Ebay … then you will face many difficulties in warranty and shipping costs are also quite expensive.

Trezor T cold wallet

Trezor T is the latest cold wallet version developed by Satoshi Labs – the world’s first hardware wallet provider. With a multi-touch screen system for the same huge memory that allows you to store over 700 cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Dash, Ethereum and more, Trezor T quickly won the hearts of customers. people play to watch the old villager.

– Security is enabled at the highest level to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, Dash, Nem, and more.

– Trezor T cold wallet offers a feature that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency to fiat currency – a currency of real value, ensuring that buyers do not lose real assets.

– Trezor T comes with a kind of magnetic seal that easily alerts you if the device has been compromised

Trezor cold wallet is being favored by Vietnamese coin players
Trezor cold wallet is being favored by Vietnamese coin players.

If you do not have a lot of budget to buy a Trezor T wallet for about $ 249, you can choose the Trezor One wallet line at half the price but the level of security is not inferior. However, this Trezor One wallet line uses physical buttons, so the operation will be slower than the Trezor T touch screen wallet.

Buy genuine Trezor T cold wallet here:

Above is some information about the top 5 cold wallets with the best security in the world. If you have any questions or want to share, you can contact us +84 902 863 618 for advice!

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